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  • interior design
  • space planning
  • furniture plans
  • lighting plans
  • elevations
  • cabinet drawings
  • custom furniture
  • material selection
  • color selection
  • furniture selection
  • window treatments
  • accessories
  • floor coverings
  • purchasing
  • installation

for all your interior design needs!


Interior Design Services

Whether it's a single room or the whole house, Perceptions can produce that special interior design...creating the feeling and ambience you desire. To accomplish this, our service begins with an in-depth interview to determine your interior design needs and goals. From this interview, we analyze the function of space, determine the use of existing furniture and identify your design style and any special requirements. With the interview as a foundation, we create an interior design plan: a plan that will be both unique and exciting.

After you have approved the plan, Perceptions will purchase the necessary items from our many venders and supervise delivery and installation. If the scope of the project dictates, we can custom design and manufacture the cabinetry and furniture necessary to complete your project.

Whether starting from a bare lot or just re-doing the guest room, Perceptions can manage your project from beginning to end. We specialize in bringing all the design elements together to create the design of your dreams.